Episode 28

Published on:

6th Dec 2021


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-Cobe, and Nii speak with former Major League Pitcher Patrick Mahomes. If the name sounds familiar, it's because he's the father of NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes II. The Superbowl winning Quarterback with the Kansas City Chiefs. Both father and son are multisport athletes, and had to make a choice early on as to which sport they would pursue professionally. We speak with Pat Mahomes about his choice, and journey to becoming a Major League Baseball player.

-He talks about the affect of the Lockout in 1994. A situation that is currently occurring again in Major League Baseball. He explains the differences between Starting and Relief pitching. We also discuss the recent changes to both the rules and the game.

-Pat Mahomes is currently involved with an organization called MLB Develops, and one of the organizers to the Breakthrough Series. Their goal is to increase the interest, and skills of young black athletes in Baseball. It has already had some real success in it's first 9 years of operation.


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